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The Role Of The CEO

A CEO of one of the largest companies in Oil & Gas sector operating in Africa shared his perspectives on the role of a CEO. He said it took some time before he realized that as a CEO, he was more than a leader of men and resources in the company. He was contributing to building a National economy and impacting lives.

CEO and Nation Building

  • Great Enterprises

    Today’s economies of the World are shaped by great enterprises fueled by vision and innovation.

  • Contribution To The GDP

    Research shows that these enterprises contribute over 50% - 90% to the GDP in most African Nations.

  • The Chosen Few

    Only a few people are chosen to lead these enterprises. They are called CEOs. As Nation Builders this makes the role of a CEO fundamental to Nation Building.

Two critical questions you must answer!
Why do you think they selected you for this job?What are you really supposed to do?

Our Purpose

“Shaping Africa’s most impactful businesses”

The Problem

Who is your independent external support group?

01. Lonely Path

Despite the allure of the role and title, serving as a CEO can be all consuming, lonely and stressful. John Maxwell said “everything rises and falls on leadership” which means if the company gets it right, it is to the credit of the CEO but if the company gets it wrong, it is the burden of the CEO.

02. Complex Environment

These pressures are particularly pronounced when leading and managing medium to large sized growth businesses in complex operating environments like Africa

03. Importance of External Advisers

If the role is that important as a nation builder you need to have an objective view from both internal and external advisers. Most CEO’s in more developed nations of the world have an external team of coaches, mentors, strategist etc

Magnifying Glass
Confidential External Support Team
Do you have the right independent and confidential support group who can give you advise and challenge your

Our Solution

We offer an objective and confidential sounding board

01. Complex Environment

Today’s leaders operate in a more complex environment than ever before and therefore must deliver at greater velocity.

02. Experiential Support

To offer the right support to CEO’s, we believe experiential exposure and high level mentoring support on the job is critical.

03. Confidential Mentorship

Mentorship offers this kind of experiential hands on guidance to leaders. With loads of decisions to make, having the right confidential sounding board and circle of influence is critical.

04. Our Mentors

Our organisation consist of Operational CEO’s who have walked the field and delivered great results. The goal of our mentoring is to provide hands-on support that helps you win.

Our Results
We have mentored CEO’s of large multinationals all over Africa including Ghana, Eastern Africa, Nigeria across various sectors like Telcos, Oil and Gas, Fitness, FMCGs etc.

Our Approach

  • Strategy

    Assisting the CEOs in strategy development and execution by bringing informed diverse perspectives into discussion, and challenging, reassessing and revalidating existing strategies while shaping future business strategy and direction.

  • Business Performance

    Assisting the CEOs in strategy development and execution by bringing informed diverse perspectives into discussion, and challenging, reassessing and revalidating existing strategies while shaping future business strategy and direction.

  • Personal Effectiveness

    Assisting the CEOs with personal effectiveness – leadership modelling, sharpening leadership perspectives, addressing specific pain points and, most importantly, supporting them to enjoy their experience on the job.

  • Stakeholder Management

    Assisting the CEOs in thinking through and ensuring effective management of key business stakeholders, especially with new-age expectations of stakeholder capitalism.

The Africa Context CEO Mentoring Experience™ curates relevant leadership practices from seasoned, credible and successful leaders with practical experience in operating, managing and growing big businesses in and across Africa. This body of experience is now available to assist incoming, new and existing CEOs across Africa with bespoke Mentoring & Leadership support. This project is led by Michael Ikpoki, CEO of Africa Context Advisory Partners and former CEO of MTN Ghana and MTN Nigeria.

Practical And Results-Driven

Our approach is grounded around four key principles of leadership. With the benefit of confidential and nuanced one-on-one mentoring discussions with CEOs (and CEO successors in the pipeline), the Africa Context CEO Mentoring Experience™ seeks to achieve the following outcomes in these four areas:

Our Mentoring Packages

Our Customised Mentoring Model

We have customised 7 Levels of CEO Mentorship to help you grow in your leadership without making content dominate the conversation. The seven different levels of intervention are aimed to suit the CEO’s specific needs at various times in their career.

Our Mentoring Offerings

The Africa Context CEO Mentoring Experience™ has developed a unique approach to mentoring, which starts by helping you develop your self-awareness so that you are able to discover blind spots in your leadership and develop your natural strengths.

  • Level 01
    New CEO Mentoring Package

    For Executives in the talent pipeline for CEO roles or CEO-in-waiting

  • Level 02
    90-Day Plan

    We curate and co-create a concrete 90-day action plan for the new CEO.

  • Level 03
    Ad Hoc CEO Mentoring for Specific Purposes

    We help the CEO to navigate specific challenges in their growth journey.

  • Level 04
    Retained CEO Engagement

    Have a sounding board on call at all times.

  • Level 05
    CEO Legacy Service

    Managing Transition.

  • Level 06
    CEO Round Table Discussions

    Facilitated CEO peer group discussions.

  • Level 07
    CEO Masterclass

    Deep dive into key leadership concepts.